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Osmoc topdress 22-05-06 4/5 (25kg)

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Osmoc topdress 22-05-06 4/5 (25kg)

Item no. 150300068
pallet = 1250 kg
pallet = 50 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Osmocote 22-05-06 topdress 4/5

Osmocote topdress FT release combines two technologies: controlled release (coated) and slow-release fertilizers.
The component FT (Fusion Technology), ensure that the product sticks to the soil.
This prevents wastage of fertilizer fall when the pots. Osmocote topdress FT gives power off for 4-5 months.

product benefits

Contains fast and slow release nitrogen and phosphate
Small grains for a good distribution on the pot
Sticks to the potting soil - no loss of grains as the pot tipping over
Contains extra trace elements for good color.
The dosages are based on unfertilized substrates and vessel contents (water gauge). Recommendations apply only to dosing in the pot.
The pot can dispense with irrigation on crops or drip irrigation.
If drip irrigation is used the product should be administered directly under the drippers. The product can be applied by dispensers topdress.
This product is not suitable for mixing with the soil, for use in low tide / feed systems or irrigation mats.

General advice Containers <10 liters Containers> 10 Liter
Container Nursery 2-4 g / l 20 to 40 g / pot + 1 g / l for each additional liter over 10 liters *

* Example: Total dose for a 50-liter jar:
3 g / l for the first 10 liters = 30 grams
1 g / l for the following 40 liter = 40 grams
Total = 30 + 40 = 70 grams per liter jar 50

Always first do a small test before you make any changes to your fertilizer widely used.
Ask your fertilization specialist for tailored advice.