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Osmocote Bloom 12-07-18 2/3 (25kg)

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Osmocote Bloom 12-07-18 2/3 (25kg)

Item no. 150300975
pallet = 1250 kg
bag = 25 kg
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Osmocote Bloom 12-07-18 2/3

Osmocote Bloom, controlled release fertilizer containing NPK, magnesium and all necessary trace elements.
The granules are 100% coated and have a duration of action of 2-3 months.

product benefits

Compact, healthy, uniform plants by appropriate NPK ratio, magnesium and a complete range of trace elements.
Low EC value in the soil for better and more compact growth
Watering and fertilizing separate systems
Durable: fewer emissions to surface and groundwater, easier to reach the MPS standards for nitrogen and phosphate release
Saving labor: fertilize once is enough
Less fertilizer for good results
Easy to use by mixing into the soil
Long-term effect to the sales and better durability

Mix Osmocote Bloom shortly before use by the potting soil, because the release of nutrients starts immediately after mixing.
During cultivation will be the measured EC layer. The nutrients are gradually released over a period of 2-3 months.
In most bedding plants is this expensive operation corresponds to the entire cultivation phase, and the first weeks to the consumer.
Use of a start fertilizer is not recommended in many cases.
For longer cultivation last we recommend Osmocote Exact Standard High K 3-4 or 5-6 months