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Super FK barrel (1160) 200 l/290kg

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Super FK barrel (1160) 200 l/290kg

Item no. 150120401
pallet = 1160 kg
barrel = 290 kg
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Super FK contains a special type of polyphosphate. This type of phosphate is easily absorbed than the ordinary orthophosphate, and not precipitates at a higher pH in the substrate. This not only keeps the phosphate readily available, but also elements such as Ca, Mg and trace elements. This is so, because these elements remain better in solution by the polyphosphate. With Super FK a more efficient use of the fertilizer is thus dosed are realized in general.

An additional advantage is that Super FK limited mineral contamination of the irrigation system. Structural use in Super FK even has a cleaning effect for the entire watering system.

The benefits of Super FK in a row:

  • A better root system.
  • More speed and more vigorous crop.
  • Better production in quality and quantity.
  • More color on the crop and in the flowers.
  • Prevents precipitation at a high pH, ​​so more readily available.
  • Better absorption of other elements.
  • Cleaning effect of the irrigation system.
  • Mix with Fertigro KFL in the tank.
    * KFL = Kali Phosphorus Caustic, liquid fertilizers from the pack 'Fertigro.