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Fertiplus 04-03-03 (1250) 25kg

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Fertiplus 04-03-03 (1250) 25kg

Item no. 150123040
pallet = 1250 kg
pallet = 50 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Fertiplus 4-3-3

Fertiplus is an ecologically and hygienically sound fertilizer pellet. The organic material consists primarily of humic acid structures that release the minerals present in the ground. As a result, minerals become available gradually for absorption by the roots of plants. Correct fertilization with Fertiplus prevents symptoms of deficiency in the crops during the growing season. This positive effect of Fertiplus means a considerable saving in mineral fertilizers. And less use of mineral fertilizers is good for the environment and prevents alkalisation of the agricultural land.

Besides these benefits, the use of Fertiplus leads to an increase in the microbiological activity in the soil. The organic substances in Fertiplus are broken down by the soil life into humic acids and amino acids. This process requires oxygen and therefore attracts air, so that the agricultural ground becomes airier and more spongy. Air in the soil is just as important for plants as water and minerals. Spongy soil also prevents suffocation of the roots.

• Environmentally-friendly solution compared to artificial fertilizers.
• Precents salinification of farming land.
• Results in an increase of the microbiological activity in the soil.
• Good for an aerated soil, which means that the roots can absorb more oxygen.
• Correct fertilization with Fertiplus 4-3-3 prevents symptoms of deficiency in the crop during the growing season.

Areas of application
• Vegetable cultivation
• Ornamental plant and fruit cultivation
• Tree cultivation

• In 5 kg to 25 kg bags
• In Big Bags from 500 kg to 1500 kg
• Bulk delivery

Average composition
Dry matter : 88 %
Organic matter : 65 %
Nitrogen : 42 kg/ton
Phosphate : 30 kg/ton
Potassium oxide : 28 kg/ton
Magnesium oxide : 10 kg/ton
pH : 6,4