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Calcium nitrate 25kg/bag 1200kg/plt

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Calcium nitrate 25kg/bag 1200kg/plt

Item no. 150011353
pallet = 1200 kg
pallet = 48 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Composition, properties, appearance:
DUCANIT®   is nitrate of lime or calcium nitrate totally and quickly soluble in water. It is a small-particle granular material of white colour, intended for preparation of nutrient solutions with N and Ca contents. The core component of the fertilizer is the below compound: 5Ca(NO3)2.NH4NO3.10H2O

Technical specification:
total nitrogen content (N)                                              15.5 % by weight
nitrate nitrogen content                                                14.4 % by weight
ammoniacal nitrogen content                                        1.1 % by weight
water-soluble calcium (CaO)                                           26.3 % by weight

Grain-size distribution:
content of particles from 1mm to 4mm                        min. 90 % by weight
content of particles under 1mm                                   max. 10 % by weight
content of particles over 10 mm                                   0 % by weight

The fertilizer is recommended for preparation of nutrient solutions by solving of water for
• drop irrigation systems (solution ratio: 0.05 – 1.5 kg per 1 000 l of water)
• hydroponic solutions (with a dilution ratio of 1 kg per 1 000 l of water, 1 l of the solution provides a plant with 155 mg of N, including 144 mg nitric nitrogen and 11 mg ammonium nitrogen, plus 190 mg of Ca)
• foliar application (solution ratio: 500 – 800 g/100 l of water; use max. 10 applications per season)
• foliar or direct application is also recommended for turf and golf courses

The fertilizer solution can be mixed with other nutrient solutions containing Mg or K with the same anion and cannot be mixed with solutions or compounds containing phosphorus or sulphate anions.

The fertilizer is available in 25 kg PE bags, or optionally in 600, 1 000, 1 100 and 1 200 kg big bags.

Storage and Handling:
Packed fertilizer must be stored in original undamaged and closed containers, separately from foodstuffs, drinks, feedstuffs, pesticides and their containers. Fertilizer must be stored in dry, well closed storerooms.

The product is a hygroscopic fertilizer and it must be therefore stored packed tight, without any exposure to outside air. Once the packaging has been opened, it is advisable that the fertiliser be used in full.