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Removit IBC 1000 l

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Removit IBC 1000 l

Item no. 181006507
box = 1000 liter
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Removit, the perfect dissolver

Removit is the perfect dissolver for removing all the 'Q'-products(Q4 white, Q3 White, Q2 White, Q Black, Q Heat) and 'D'-products(D-FUSE and D-GREE). The dose depends on the thickness of the shading agent or coating. After application of Removit, you may choose to wait until it rains off, or to spray it off.

250 litres of Removit diluted with approx. 1750 litres of water will remove all the “Q”- and “D”-products coatings from approximately 1 ha. of greenhouse glass. Add Removit to clean water while stirring. Depending on the thickness and age of the coatinglayer you may have to increase the concentration. In the case of higher concentrations of coating we recommend you use 400 litres of Removit and 1600 litres of water per hectare. Always use the higher concentration of Removit to remove coating from greenhouse walls.

How to apply:
Always apply (spray) onto a dry coating layer that has been thoroughly moistened with diluted Removit. Use the solution within 6 hours after you have prepared it.

Removal by rain:
If you want the coating layer to be removed by rain, a few showers in the weeks following the application of Removit will usually suffice to rinse your glass clean. If you have no, or only little rain in the weeks following application you can remove the screening layer by spraying it with plenty of water yourself (see below). If you don’t have sufficient rain for some time, you may have to repeat the Removit treatment.

Removal by spraying:
When Removit has dried completely you can start removing the screening layer by spraying it with plenty of water via a fine spraying nozzle.

Environmental aspects:
Removit complies with the requirements of the Dutch Decree on Emissions.

We advise you to close off your water basin while applying and removing the shading agnts, to avoid changes in the water’s pH. Removit is exclusively intended for removing the “Q”- and “D”-products.

Store Removit in a frost-free area. In its dry, sealed packaging it will keep for about 12 months.