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Q2 White (880) 20kg EXP

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Q2 White (880) 20kg EXP

Item no. 370014628
bucket = 20 kg
pallet = 44 bucket
pallet = 880 kg
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Q2 White is an adjustable shading agent. With Q2 White the optimal shading percentage can be created. Because Q2 White is liquid it can be diluted to adjust the shading percentage to the needs of the crop. Q2 White is easy to dissolve, easy to apply and easy to remove.

- Cheap product with high shading effect.
- For poly and glass greenhouses.
- Adjustable shading percentage.
- With little product a lot of shading.

Heavy shading
Q2 White is highly resistant to all weather conditions (UV, rain, etc.) and is therefore very durable. Q2 White protects the crop from too much sunlight. Q2 White can be applied on glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and plastic foil. Q2 White is easy to apply , either manually or mechanically and ensures optimal protection of your crop.

Shading percentage
With Q2 White it is possible to choose the most optimal shading percentage for a crop. By diluting the appropriate amount the right shading percentage can be chosen The table below indicates the number of buckets of Q2 White to be applied to achieve a certain screening percentage. The more Q2 White you use per hectare, the more sunlight is reflected. You can apply the product manually or with a machine.

Q2 white 1

Q2 White wears of during the season. If Q2 White needs to be removed earlier or if the wear at the end of the season isn’t enough, it can be removed easily and quickly by using Removit. After applying Removit in the right dosage rain will wash off Q2 White, or it can be removed by washing it off.

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