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Q4 White (660) 20kg

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Q4 White (660) 20kg

Item no. 370014550
bucket = 20 kg
liter = 1,3333333 kg
pallet = 33 bucket
pallet = 660 kg
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Adjustable shading agent
Q4 White is an extremely weatherproof and optimally ad- justable shading agent specifically designed for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic. Even at lower shading percentages Q4 White will not cause excessive wear to the ridge and it is very wear-resistant, yet easy to remove with Removit. Q4 White is the best maximum weatherproof screen product on the market. Q4 White is patented.

Minimal wear:
User experiences show that with Q4 White wear off on the apex of the roof is minimal. The apex of the roof is very important because on this section of the greenhouse sunlight shines from early morning till late in the evening. However, the apex of the greenhouse roof is also most vulnerable to rain, hail and wind. That wear off on the apex with Q4 White is minimal is therefore seen by many growers as a very good and desirable property of Q4 White.

Shading percentage
With Q4 White it is possible to choose the most optimal shading percentage per crop. By diluting the appropriate amount the right shading percentage can be chosen. The graph shows the shading percentage relative to the number of buckets per hectare of Q4 White.
Buckets per ha Shading in Lux Lifespan (weeks)+/- Weather resistance
34 80% 24 - 25 Maximum
25 75% 22 - 24 Maximum
20 65% 17 - 21 Maximum
16 55% 13 - 16 Maximum
13 45% 10 - 12 Maximum
10 40% 8 - 10 Maximum

Q4 White can easily be removed from the greenhouse with Removit at any moment. After applying Removit in the right dosage some rain will wash off Q4 White. If it does not rain for a long time,Q4 White also can be washed off manually.

Please note:
Do not use Q4 White in combination with other shading products. Prevent the product from entering the basin during application or removal. Store frost-free.

Q4 White
contains no environmentally harmful ingredients and meets the Dutch Decree on protection against waste.

More information
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