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APHIcontrol [500/bottle] 100 ml (AB3)

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APHIcontrol [500/bottle] 100 ml (AB3)

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APHIcontrol contains mummies of the parasitic wasp Aphidius colemani. De adult parasitic wasps hatch and lay eggs in living aphids. Aphidius colemani has an enormous good search capacity. This parasitic wasp parasitizes mainly on the smaller aphid varieties, such as Aphis gossypii (cotton aphid), Muzus persicae (peach aphid) and Myzus nocotianae (tobacco aphid). De adult parasitic wasps hatch and lay eggs in living aphids. Parasitic wasps find the aphids before the aphids can be found. Because of this reason, parasitic wasps are excently suitable for preventive use. Parasitic wasps needs to be introduced regularly.

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