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AMBLYcontrol (loose material) [250,000/tube] (UK only)

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AMBLYcontrol (loose material) [250,000/tube] (UK only)

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AMBLYcontrol (loose material) [250,000/tube] (AB1)

Product description
AMBLYcontrol (loose material) to control Thrips   

Amblyseius cucumeris
AMBLYcontrol contains the predatory mite Amblyseius cucumeris, from the family Phytoseiidae. A. cucumeris is probably the most famous predatory mite against thrips. The predatory mites will actively disperse through the crop in search for food. Besides feeding on Thrips, A. cucumeris can also survive on pollen. This way, this predatory can be released as a preventive measure in pollen crops. Amblyseius cucumeris does not harm your crop or flowers. The predatory mites mainly eats the first larval stage of Thrips. Additionally, they can have a strong negative effect on spider mite populations. Because of their short life cycle, they are able to multiply in numbers quickly. Their strength is in their numbers.

AMBLYcontrol should be released early in the pest development. This predatory mite can thrive on many crops on which Thrips occurs.

Product characteristics

  • Can be used as a preventive measure.
  • Will also attack spider mites.
  • Can thrive in many crops.
  • Available in many different formulations.

Product specifications
Amblyseius cucumeris is available as loose material in tubes containing 250,000 (5 liter), and 500,000 (5 liter) predatory mites. This material can be used for an easy spread of the predatory mites through the crop.

AMBLYcontrol is also available as:
• 250 sachets with hook (each sachet contains a minimum of 1,000 predatory mites)

Usage instruction
Keep the product cool before use (14 – 18 °C). Spread the material as good as possible through your crop.

Storage and transport
Check the product on arrival for defects and preferably use the product directly or within 18 hours after arrival. In case storage is necessary, keep the product cool (10 – 15 °C) and in the dark.

  • Amblyseius cucumeris 
  • MBT/MPS : 990395


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