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Eko mist liquid (480) [5 liter]

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Eko mist liquid (480) [5 liter]

Item no. 181022151
can = 5 liter
box = 20 liter
pallet = 480 liter
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Excipient for space treatment
LVM or fogging equipment is still commonly used in horticulture for treating spaces, primarily to control flying insects or to apply coating additives (especially fungicides). For any substance to be atomised with LVM or fogging equipment, it first has to be dissolved in water. Eko-mist is an additive that compensates for the disadvantages of using just water as a carrier.

- Uniform drop size
- Improved distribution
- Less residue
- Less vaporisation

The disadvantages of space treatment with only water as a carrier:
- Water molecules attract each other, resulting in significant differences in water drop size.
- Poor distribution in covered spaces exceeding 40 metres.
- Considerable visible residue directly in front of the machine.
- A relatively high level of vaporisation.

The addition of Eko-mist guarantees:
Maximum effect of the crop protection agent.
Eko-mist creates a film around the drops, thereby preventing even the smallest droplets from vaporising before settling on the crop. Adding Eko-mist also ensures that the crop protection agent dissolves better than in water alone. Even distribution.Eko-mist ensures a highly uniform drop size, due to which a good and even distribution over the crop is obtained. It also ensures optimal distribution throughout the greenhouse, even in large structures. The agent penetrates deeply into the crop, and no residue is formed directly in front of the machine.

Visible application.
Eko-mist makes the fog visible, which in turn enables optimal control in distributing the crop protection agent throughout the greenhouse. Eko-mist can also be used to trace the sources of any leakage that might occur in the greenhouse!

Widely applicable
Eko-mist can be used for all treatments in which low-volume application techniques are applied. Eko-mist can safely be added to all substances that are suitable for application with LVM or low-volume spraying techniques. Always first dissolve Eko-mist in water, and then add the crop protection agent.

If applied via Pulsfog, 10% to 25% of the water is replaced by Eko-mist. If you would otherwise use 1 litre of water, you now use 100 - 250 ml Eko-mist + 900 - 750 ml water. The percentage of Eko-mist used depends on the relative humidity (RH) of the environment. A low RH requires a higher dosage of Eko-mist (max. 250 ml) than a high RH (min. 100 ml), since the rate of vaporisation then has to be reduced.Eko-mist is also very effectiv when applied with the Ripa LV 180 and Spraymaster. The dosage is then 4% (40 ml Eko-mist / 960 ml water) of the amount of water being used.

Eko-mist is supplied in a sealable 5-litre cans.

Advise & information
For more information about Eko-mist or other horticultural products please contact your Royal Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International;, T. +31 174 - 446 100. More information is also available at

For each crop protection chemical or biocide product the user must comply with the local legal conditions and regulations. Use crop protection products and Biocides safely. Always read the label and the safety data sheet.

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