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Oasis growing medium 250ltr

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Oasis growing medium 250ltr

Item no. 260405507
m3 = 4 bag
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Oasis® Growing Media are rigid, open cell-celled, water-absorbing foams specifically designed for optimal callus and rapid root development. Its unique cell structure, which mimics the cellular structure of the plant itself, provides outstanding performance. Oasis® Growing Medium is consistent, with a low cation exchange capacity that allows for rapid nutrient availability without danger of salt accumulation. When a grower receives Oasis® Growing Media it is pathogen-free, providing an environment which reduces disease and insect problems.

Oasis® Growing Media are inert and, when received, are free of pathogenic organisms and require no further sterilization. In addition, the product offers the grower these important benefits:
Image of a healthy young plant grown with Oasis Growing MediaThe elimination of soil/media mixing
Increased productivity through easier handling, bench layout and sticking
Positive stability of cuttings on the bench
Improved uniformity of rooting due to media consistency
Rapid transplant "takeoff"