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ECA chlorinsitu-II 200 g/h

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ECA chlorinsitu-II 200 g/h

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Chlorinsitu-II 200 g/h

Sanitation and cleaning of water systems using an ECA Solution produced in the Chlorinsitu® II ACA installation out of potassium salt(KCL)

If no measures are taken a bio-film is formed in water systems. Besides clogging pipes, drippers and sprinklers bio-film is also an ideal nesting place for harmful microorganisms that can infect the plants through irrigation. Bio-films can be broken down with the "ECA Solution ', which is produced and dosed by Chlorinsitu® II ACA installation. This is a safe, environmentally friendly, effective and economical method.

Product features

  • Electro Chemical Activated Solution
  • Raw materials: water and pure potassium chloride (ECA quality)
  • Disinfecting and cleansing effect
  • Bio-film breaks down in water pipes
  • Prevents clogging
  • Development of resistance not possible
  • Clean and safe water for all crops
  • Effective and economical.
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