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Robocar 1601

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Robocar 1601

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The Robocar is a fully automatic tractor used for internal transport of all kinds of carts and trolleys.  The Robocar can be handled manually or automatically. In the automatic mode the Robocar will find its path using the induction wire which is constructed in the concrete floor.

- Unmanned transportation (Labor-saving)
- Induction wire inside the concrete path will be free of dirt and out of sight
- Fully automatic control
- Very reliable
- Adjustable speed infinitely/step less adjustable between 0-4 km/h (0-2,5mph)
- Optical pressure and ultrasonic sensors for undesirable obstacles
- Low maintenance costs
- Operates almost soundless
- Makes logistic processing system effective, simple and convenient

Robocar in combination with automation in the harvest processing room
The Robocar is the solution to any logistical questions. The Robocar is perfectly suitable for all kinds of automation such as passing through crossings with priority rules and positioning. Positioning of the Robocar makes a puller in your processing system useless. The Robocar positions at a very high accuracy so you can easily load and unload your crop.

The harvest trolleys wont be disconnected, the train remains entirely. When entering the crop processing system there is direct communication between the Robocar and the processing system. If the road is clear the Robocar will drive through automatically.

Different types
The Robocar is available in two different versions, the 600 and the 1600. The Robocar 600 has a traction of 500N and the Robocar 1600 has a traction of 1.000N.  Indicative: for a weight of 1.500kg, a 400N is required to get the train running. Once rolling, the traction needed is reduced to 200N.  When used in manual mode, the maximum speed is 7 km/h (4 mph). The Robocar in manual mode is controlled by a joystick.

The Robocar can also be installed with an overhead induction line (instead of an induction line constructed in the concrete floor).

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