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The PT camera measures from above the plant temperature in a 3D plant surface. This surface can easily change between 1 to 10 m2 or more by moving the PT camera up and down with a handy hanging device. Measuring such a big surface includes a representative amount of plants to get reliable information about PT and VPD. This is essential information for optimizing climate control to get better growing results and lower energy costs.

79o focus angle and easy adjustable in height
To achieve that the PT camera is pointed to the plant surface in a guaranteed angle, the PT camera has been installed in a housing box with fixed angle of 79o and is hanging at the ‘PT swing device’. The housing box has two practical sight holes for focussing the camera into the direction of the to be measured group of plants. With two wingnuts the PT swing device can be easily moved up and down to get the right distance from the plant surface.

Measurement and control of PT and VPD
This reliable PT camera has proven his value since Brinkman started with PT cameras in 1997. Nowadays these are linked with the Priva Connext computer, but it is also possible to connect them with other modern climate computers.
In nice graphics the plant temperature can be compared with all kinds of other important information as air temperature, humidity, sun radiation, water uptake, etc.
Beside PT the ‘evaporation pressure’ is another important issue. The computer calculates the air humidity in vapour pressure of the air in kilo Pascal (kP). With the information of the plant temperature the computer also calculates the vapour pressure in the stomata of leafs. The difference in vapour pressure between in- and outside the plant is named ‘Vapour Pressure Difference (VPD)’. VPD is the best indication of potential evaporation.

Saving energy and CO2
PT camera’s in all greenhouse compartments, combined with a smart climate control program, offer many opportunities to improve the control of heating, ventilation, screening and humidification. Better ventilation prevents unnecessary loss of heat and CO2 and maintains better humidity with less risk of condense at the plant.

Technical specifications Royal Brinkman PT camera

- Temperature range scaled to -10 °C to + 50 °C
- Accuracy 0,2 oC in range 15 to 30 oC
- Output signal standard 4 - 20 mA linear
- Operating Voltages 24 VAC / 24 VDC
- Smart signal correction of the PT camera body temperature
- PT camera housing with fixed focus angle 79o

For more information about PT camera or other horticultural products please contact your Royal Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International;, T. +31 174 - 446 100. More information is also available at

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