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Hosereel mech singl.w+guid 220

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Hosereel mech singl.w+guid 220

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The electric hose reels are a true answer to take the heavy pulling on hoses for a very large part off your hands. When unwinding the reel gives no resistance. This lightens the work, certainly with the current bay depths. The winding up of the hose is provided for completely by the electrical reel. By means of a radiographic remote control the reel is switched on. The windup speed is steplessly controllable so that a correct constant running speed is obtained which optimises the distribution of the spraying liquid. The electric reels can be supplied with 2 different types of speed controls : a mechanical and electronic control.The mechanical speed control is for the heavier work: bay depths above the 50 m. and for the water hose. The electronic speed control is suitable for the 50 m. high-pressure hose.
The mechanical speed control can be supplied in 380 Volt and 220 Volt. The electronic speed control can be supplied in 220 Volt and 24 Volt by means of traction batteries. All types of reels can be supplied without wheels as extensions for spraying trolleys etc.


Options :

  • hose guide which ensures that the hose is distributed tidily over the whole width of the drum when being wound up. The hose guide is necessary for water hose and high-pressure hose above 50 m.s.
  • Hose guide blocking; with this blocking the hose guide is fastened to the ground so that the guide stands still in front of the spraying path and the reel goes in its entirety backwards and forwards.
  • Speed control; this is an automatic speed control which provides for a constant running speed with more or less hose on the drum, to be used with water hose or high-pressure hose of more than 60/70 m. (this can only be done on mechanical speed control).
  • Universal joint to 1 " passage instead of 3/4 ", this is for less resistance (pressure drop) at the water dosing.
  • Double drum; here water hose and high-pressure hose can be mounted.

This is applied where spraying and water dosing are often alternated.