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Single top monorail

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Single top monorail

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The internal transport and harvesting of various products can be done by means of monorail transport. For this different types of monorail trolleys cab be supplied. A standard monorail trolley consists of :
* monorail top l constructed with 4 monorail wheels or 2 diabolo rollers
* monorail suspension column 100 cm long (pipe O 36x31 mm)
* monorail bag pipe 100 cm long (pipe O 30x25 mm)
* monorail frame (various dimensions and designs)

A monorail trolley can also be constructed with a double top frame. The great advantage of
harvesting with a monorail trolley is :
* during the harvesting man hands free for the harvesting
* one man include many more harvest barrels per harvest trip
* there is no damage to the crop by the harvest vehicles
* light weight aluminium construction
* monorail frame 360 degrees
* monorail trolley runs over a pipe O 51, 57 or 60 mm
* monorail frame is adjustable in height
* time saving
* load reduction

The monorail frames are obtainable in each size and design, there are however a number of standard designs. Also for particular crops there are separate monorail frames such as for the gerberas, carnations (by means of canvas rack) and pot plants..