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Hermopal grey 750ml

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Hermopal grey 750ml

Item no. 370007001
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Protect your heating pipes and save money . . .
This combi-paint (primer and finish coat paint combined into one) is ideal for the use horticulture. Fast, easy and safe to use. Dries fast, hardens well and gives a soft shiny rust-inhibiting film. Suitable as primer and coating on heating pipes and other ironwork. High covering power, resistant to moisture and high temperatures and safe for your plants. Years of protection of your heating pipes against corrosion and oxidation.
- Maximum heat release
- Higher light output

Example: Heat output at water 78 C:
- Galvanized pipe 6.2 W/m2
- Rusty black pipe 27.3 W/m2
- Pipe treated with Hermopal 35.4 W/m 2 ! ! !

For new and existing pipes
Hermopal is suitable for the dyeing of new pipes as well as for maintenance. Hermopal is a combi-paint (primer + topcoat), extremely protective against rust. Hermopal is of high quality and provides protection for years.

On new work apply a minimum of 2 layers. First coat with Hermopal grey, second and following coats with Hermopal white. Apply on a heating pipe that is ‘hand warm’, for good result. Usage: 1 ltr for approximately 10 m2 or 70 mtr heating pipe (diameter 51 mm). After 24 hours of drying, you must stoke the heating pipes for discharging vapors (2x 24 hours). After these steps the crop can be placed safely into the greenhouse.

Safety for your crop
Hermopal is produced with the greatest care. Hermopal is also guaranteed to be safe to use.

Applicable on all iron work. For application on heating pipes apply on handhot pipes possibly with tube roller or painting glove. Does not insulate and is harmless to the crops after drying.

On new work apply a minimum of 2 coats first coat grey, second and following coats white. Consumption:
1 ltr for approximately 10 m2 or 70 mtr heating pipe O 51 mm.

Content    Colour
750 ml white 370007107
5 ltr white 370007123
20 ltr white 370007141
750 ml grey 370007001
5 ltr grey 370007026
20 ltr grey 370007042