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Glass Coat 5 L

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Glass Coat 5 L

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Glass-coat is a coating that has been specially developed for the treatment of glass surfaces. In addition to the traditional glass facade it can also be used for shower screens, mirrors and solar panels. After treatment with Glass-coat, oil, dirt and insects can be easily removed.

Glass-Coat seals and protects in one treatment. Glass-Coat is used for the coating of glass and other smooth non-porous surfaces. It contains a high concentration of nanoparticles for optimal protection. Dirt no longer adheres to the surface and can be easily removed with water.

- The glass is stain and water resistant
- Less washing of glass due to the self-cleaning effect
- Invisible and transparent
- Icing has no chance to attach to the surface
- Lime scale can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth
- Easy application

- Glass Facade - Showers
- Mirrors
- Car Windows
- Solar Panels

Main features
- Treated parts are well protected against the adhesion of dirt
- Product is silicone free
- Glass-Coat has been specially developed for the treatment of car windows.

Processing advice
To remove any deposits and/or fats, we recommend to follow the following steps:

- Shake NC Cleaner before use
- Apply by spraying
- Clean with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. If necessary, rinse with water and dry by pulling large areas with wiper

When contaminated and / or weathered windows is recommended for the following steps before the final coat will be applied.
- Bring a little Glass-Coat on a polishing pad and apply using a circular motion on the surface to be treated
- Polish the hereafter with a cotton cloth
- Degrease then with Isopropanol and a soft cloth and let the agent in the glass withdrawal

Apply Glass-coat. Do not use much of the drug, take it with a clean soft cloth. Leave on for 30-45 minutes and then polish it off with a cotton cloth.

Colour and Shine
- Transparent
- Dries colourless
- Invisible

- Bottle of 500ml and 1 litre
- Jerry cans of 5 litres and 10 litres

Theoretical yield: 100ml 50-75m2
* This indicated consumption is a reference value. Depending on the nature of the surface and the processing it may vary. Exact values can only by determined per project through plots.