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Royal Brinkman develops innovative solutions for horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide. The aim is always to improve the crop. Together with our specialists and partner suppliers, we look for the best solution for every situation. Let's improve together!

This overview contains customer stories of leading horticultural entrepreneurs from various crops. Curious about their experience? Read more about the advantages of Royal Brinkman's solutions. 

  • Greg Devries about Bio Chopper

    "At Truly Green Farms, we work to maintain a very healthy environment for the plants. In the clean out period, it’s critical that we have machines that are reliable. Whether it is the BioChopper that helps remove all the plant material or the Aquajet for cleaning the greenhouse, it is very important that we can rely on the equipment.

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  • Jay Colasanti about the Transport Trolleys from Berg Hortimotive

    "Our pipe rail trolleys, and Transport Trolleys were in need of replacement. We had company specific requirements for the Transport Trolleys. Moreover, we were looking for high quality and durable machines. There are about five prominent brands when it comes to internal transport. Berg Hortimotive is known for their strong durable machines.

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  • Hank Neufeld about Valent Clips

    "In 2021, we were approached by Royal Brinkman to test their Valent Clips. We found that our clippers could go through the rows faster. Because of hygiene, our clippers must wear gloves. However, they often have to change gloves because a clip tears their glove open. The Valent Clips are smooth and have no sharp edges, thereby they do not tear the glove.

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  • Lucas Semple about HortiHygienz

    Under Sun Acres is a 48-acre bell pepper production facility. They grow red, orange, and yellow bell peppers and have about 65 employees who rotate throughout the season. Hygiene is extremely important to the facility's functionality.

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  • Tim Prins about the Easy Hook 26 cm

    "We were looking for a suitable hook for growing cucumbers. A cucumber plant grows on average 50 to 60 centimetres per week. This is almost twice as fast as a tomato plant that grows an average of 30 to 31 centimetres per week. We were therefore looking for a hook other than the 22 or 24 centimetre hooks we use in tomato cultivation''.

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  • David van Tuijl about Orius

    Chrysanthemum cultivation is a very short crop. The trick is to have a biological army ready in time to combat thrips during those few weeks. With the addition of the Orius Plus predatory bait in combination with Power Food Plus, it is possible to keep thrips under control all year round. We speak to David van Tuijl of Linflowers.

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  • Seasun about innovative attachment method for AC-foil

    "In everything we do, we look critically at the impact on people and the environment and whether it is possible to make processes more sustainable. Together with Royal Brinkman and producer Oerlemans Plastics, we have taken the initiative to make the use of anti-condensation film more sustainable.''

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  • Les Serres Demers about Hortispares

    Les Serres Demers was founded in the 1960 in Saint-Nicolas. Nowadays the company has two sites, one in Lévis and one in Drummondville, both situated in Quebec, Canada.

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  • Hortipolaris about Royal Brinkman as a partner

    Beijing Hortipolaris, greenhouse phase one located in Miyun District of Beijing, is one of the core areas of Miyun District national modern agricultural industrial park. Hortipolaris in the establishment of the initial commitment to the Netherlands advanced agricultural technology facilities in China to achieve landing, promotion and transformation.

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  • Grower Moors about Valent Pepper Twine

    Pepper grower Rob Moors tested Royal Brinkman's new Valent Pepper twine in 2020 and now uses it on his entire 19 ha. "It is strong and does not stretch, so the rows are tight from start to finish. That works well and prevents damage and loss of quality."

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  • DT Enterprise Farms Limited about Hortispares

    I visited the Hortispares.com webshop and found immediately what I needed. Now after having placed eight different orders at Hortispares.com, we are more than happy with the webshop.

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  • Windset Farms about the Twinhook

    WindSet Farms is one of the biggest horticultural companies in North America. On their different locations in Canada and America, they grow premium quality vegetables, including tomatoes.

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  • Dirk de Jong about the Valent O-Hook

    For a few years now Village Farms in Canada and the USA use the Valent O-Hook from Royal Brinkman to secure the tomato plants. In 2016, for the first time, they chose the new O-Hook. The free fall on the O-Hook is adapted into an O-form and works in a new and revolutionary way.

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  • Richplant about the Service Engine

    For three years now, Bob Brakel, head of the technical department at pot plant nursery Richplant in the Netherlands, has been using the Service Engine of Royal Brinkman.

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  • Nursery Reijm about Menno Florades

    Gerbera is a vulnerable crop and fungi such as Verticillium and Fusarium are to be avoided at all costs. Good hygiene helps growers to keep these fungi at bay. The crop rotation is the perfect moment to kill fungal spores. Quite a challenge, since there is often still crop in the greenhouse and the pipes are still being used. Gerbera grower Johan Reijm shares his experience.

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  • Nursery Van der Lugt about Huwa-San

    We visit Lugt Lisianthus in Monster and speak to Wesley van der Lugt. "We were looking for a solution to keep the pipes clean in the long term. We found it in the co-dosage of the disinfectant Huwa-San TR-50 during the cultivation."

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  • Gie de Brocs about the top cleaner

    In 2016 construction of the first Gie des Brocs 4 hectares greenhouse in Lapouyade had been completed. The second greenhouse of 4 hectares is expected to reach completion this year.

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  • Jac Oudijk about Drygair units

    The DryGair units treat the greenhouse air during cultivation, without the need for outside air. All the energy stays in the greenhouse; we don't lose any heat. This efficient way of dehumidifying the air provides energy savings of 40% on our gas consumption.

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  • Madiba grower Kees de Jongh about the Alumaster 2.0

    Our spraying robot needed replacing after 18 years. There were two words on our wish list for a new spraying robot: fully automatic and sustainable. The spraying robot is used in our cultivation for braking, spraying and biology dispersal. The Alumaster 2.0 by Royal Brinkman is a fantastic machine that is already used for more than 50% for biology spraying at our nursery.

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  • Sweet pepper growers Bestpeppers and Kees van Tuyl about Orius predatory bugs

    Orius predatory bugs are excellent thrips fighters. They are therefore widely used in sweet pepper cultivation. One point of improvement is the population build-up in early spring. We discuss the experiences with Bertus van Dijk of Bestpeppers and Jan Bel of Kees van Tuyl.

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  • Sensation and De Waal nurseries about Orius predatory bugs

    We speak to Aalbert Ekelmans, chrysanthemum grower, in a double interview with fellow chrysanthemum grower Kim de Waal in Tuil. Both have been intensively testing the new variety Orius in combination with the new Power Food Plus in recent months and both are very enthusiastic.

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  • Westland Nursery about Orius predatory bugs

    A growing season in which thrips control is well under control and no virus has occurred. That, in one sentence, is the result of a new approach to biological crop protection, hygiene & disinfection at Het Westland Nursery on Vlietweg in Naaldwijk.

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  • Schenkeveld about Service Engine

    "Our previous system for service and maintenance tasks was no longer adequate. We could only create tasks and check them off," says Richard Schenkeveld, tomato grower from Schipluiden. "But with the increase in the number of machines and an increase in personnel, we were yearning for more insight and overview. We were tipped off about the Service Engine and that's where the ball started rolling".

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  • Rijk Zwaan about the Top Cleaner

    In 2010, vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan opened a new seed cultivation site in San Jose Iturbide, Mexico. In a modern glass greenhouse of 3.5 hectares, Rijk Zwaan ProMex produces top quality tomato, pepper and cucumber seeds.

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