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Royal Brinkman Studio

The Royal Brinkman Studio is an all-round design studio that you can use for a complete packaging concept suitable for cut flowers, pot plants, fruit and vegetable market. We create designs for everything that can be printed: from all kinds of flower and vegetable packaging to stationery and auction cards.

For you as a grower, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out in the chain: from distribution to the consumer. With a unique design you can distinguish your product from the products of your colleagues, making your product more competing in the market. In addition, it ensures recognisability: retail and end consumers will recognise the product by its appearance and assess the quality of the product on the basis of this. Therefore, a good packaging design has great added value: it creates your own position in the market, so that your product is attractive!

The strength of Royal Brinkman is that we have our own design office, which is well-known in the horticultural world. Our designers have a lot of experience in making designs within this industry. This allows them to be well informed about the possibilities and to know what the most financially attractive options are for our customers. This combination ensures that the Royal Brinkman Studio create designs that fit the wishes and ideas of the grower and that can be used for a long time. 

"We follow the trends in design, fashion and in-house design by visiting trade fairs, events and trend seminars. In this way, we know what is going on in the market and we take this into account when making new designs. Incidentally, it is not always necessary to design a completely new concept. Sometimes a small change to the existing design can also make a big result. You can also contact us for small changes. We are happy to give honest and clear advice," says designers Marja Scheffers and Joyce van den Berg.

Do you have any questions about the Royal Brinkman Studio or do you want to know more about the possibilities for a packaging concept for your product? Fill in the form below without any obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Portfolio Royal Brinkman studio

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