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Periodic maintenance is more efficient, prevents malfunctions and extends the life of your installations. By planning the maintenance once a year in advance, you are assured of an expert inspection by an experienced service technician. More often periodical inspections and examination are compulsory in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Examples are inspections of spraying equipment, electrical installations and silos. Insurance and other agencies, like Royal Brinkman, can carry out these mandatory inspections.
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Advantages of preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance has many advantages for you as a customer. Ad-hoc malfunctions are frustrating and come always inopportune. If you have your equipment serviced regularly, the risk of malfunctions is reduced to a minimum. Fewer malfunctions also result in lower costs, because the service technician does not have to visit that many times. In addition, it reduces stress situations by reducing the speed in which your installation comes to a standstill. Continuity is guaranteed because the processes can continue without large interruptions.

Knowledge up to date

Royal Brinkman's service engineers have many years of experience with technical installations and are regularly trained by the relevant suppliers.

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