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Tips voor beperken van slijtage aan spuitdoppen

Side effects App Agrobío 

The side effects guide of Agrobío is now also available as an app. The app provides insight into the side effects of crop protection products on natural enemies and pollinators in horticulture under glass. The app provides information on over thirty beneficial insects used in greenhouse farming. By means of colours and symbols, a quick picture is given of the effects of various crop protection agents. These effects are based on the dosages of the products as mentioned on the label. Under the influence of the circumstances, the effects may vary slightly.

Download the Agrobío Side effects App

The Agrobío Effects app is available for Android. If you want to download the app directly, click on the button below.  

agriobio side effects app

The benefits

 Understanding the effect of plant protection products on beneficial insects.
 Information to better coordinate your biological and chemical control.

How does the Side effects App work?

The app allows you to search by active substance, trade name, crop or product type. In the first screen, select what you want to search for. Then screen 2 will appear. Here you can select the natural enemies you want to use. When you press OK, you will get an overview of the results. By clicking on "legend" in the upper right corner, screen 4 will appear.  

agrobio side effects
 agriobio side effects app
 agrobio side effects app
 agrobio effect app
Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4

Agrobío does not take any responsibility for the use of various agents based on the app. If you want a tailored advice, please contact one of our crop protection specialists.  

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