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Agrolution 125 7-14-35 (1200) 25kg

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Agrolution 125 7-14-35 (1200) 25kg

Item no. 150285765
pallet = 1200 kg
pallet = 48 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Agrolution 125 07-14-35

Agrolution Special 125-S is a new addition to the Agrolution Special Line.
This formula is specially designed to combine in an A-B tank system with calcium nitrate and to harden off the crop.
Besides that, this fertilizer has an extremely low acidification to the irrigation water en is therefore perfect to use in combination with rain water.
On top of that, this compound contains sulphate, a welcome addition if the crop has a shortage of sulphate.


  • Especially for soft irrigation water
  • Compound with sulphate
  • Pure raw materials
  • Dissolves quickly and completely
  • Keeps your irrigation system clean

General advice

  • Use for optimal result of Agrolution in combination with a basic fertilizer Osmocote®Exact (substrate crops) or Agroblen® (soil crop).
  • See statement below with the mixing capabilities and make a solution on time
  • Fill 2/3 of the tank with (warm) water, add Agrolution and mix firmly.
  • Fill up the rest of the tank
  • Pay attention that residue in the pipes may dissolve if you use Agrolution for the first time.
  • Because Agrolution has an acidifying effect on the irrigation water, it is advised to rinse non-stainless steel or plastic spare parts with clean water
  • Always make a small test before you make adjustments or changes to your fertilization.
  • Ask your fertilizer specialist for advice.

Can you mi Agrolution with: Agrolution 313 Agrolution 316 Agrolution 125 -S Agrolution 335
Ammonium nitrate  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Potassium nitrate  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calcium nitrate  Yes Yes No No
Magnesium Nitrate  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phosphoric acid  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nitric acid  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sulfuri acid  No No Yes Yes
Magnesium sulphate  No No Yes Yes
Other compound fertilizer  No No No No
Agrolution Special 313 N/a Yes No No
Agrolution Special 316 Yes N/a No No
Agrolution Special 125-S No No N/a No
Agrolution pH Low 335 No No No N/a

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