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Meet Matthew Dent

‘As a specialist in technical equipment and parts, I am responsible for a lot of key accounts in Australia. My focus is mainly on technical equipment and recently also on medicinal cannabis. Personal contact with growers is the most enjoyable part of my job. I enjoy helping growers, giving them appropriate advice and helping them find solutions to their challenges. It is also a great challenge to keep up with the requests we receive throughout the market.’
  • Listen carefully

    ‘How I help growers to improve cultivation is by listening more than by talking. It's important to listen carefully to what the customer has to deal with in order to get opportunities out of it and to find solutions for the problems they encounter. So for example, I really enjoyed helping cannabis growers set up their crop which is new and challenging. Besides that I like to contribute to the good of mankind, with medical cannabis we have an opportunity to heal the sick.’

    Added value

    ‘I've been working at Royal Brinkman since 2016. I can offer an added value to my customers and that motivates me to help them as best I can. For me, the most important thing is that a customer is satisfied!’

  • Matthew Dent

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