Automated flower bundle/bouquet taper

Daily, around the world, several million plastic bags are closed with the professional Innoseal system of The Tape Factory. You have likely seen the unique bag seal on items purchases in your local bakery or supermarket. The demand from flower packers and bouquet manufacturers for an automated tape application for floral bundles and bouquets, has been transformed into our latest market solution: 

We introduce to you the Fresh Sealer

The automated flower bundle/bouquet taper fits in-line with all (most commonly) used flower-conveyer systems. The Fresh Sealer has an hourly capacity of up to 5000 closures and can be used for flower bundle/bouquet with a diameter up to 58mm.

High capacity and easy operation

 The Fresh Sealer ensures an increase in production and a less labor-intensive packaging process. No upfront investment, the Fresh Sealer is available through operational lease/rental agreement.
 Higher production
 Easy to install (Plug & Play)
 Easy operation and simple/understandable digital display.
 Service and maintenance included.
 Available in left hand and right hand versions 
 With a single set of refill (tape and paper) you can close 1800-2000 bundles/bouquets. Replacing a  refill takes only 60 seconds.
 Easy to open tape with paper closure, without scissors or knife 
 The packaging can’t move around and protects the flowers during transport
 No damage to flowers or flower stems
 Paper tab section of closure can be customized with e.a. logo or barcode


Introduction Offer/ more information
Contact us for your “Free” Fresh Sealer demo unit. Trial and explore the system for one month. Your cost and commitment is limited to the amount of refill consumed.  
Leave your contact details for more information. Our specialist mechanical equipment, Frank Schoenmakers, will contact you shortly to schedule an open-ended appointment.

More information
Are you interested or you would like to receive more information about the Fresh Sealer. Fill in your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible. On workingdays you will receive a reaction within 24 hours.