Brinkman activities

Royal Brinkman is a reliable supplier, advisor and contractor for the horticultural industry. Royal Brinkman's customers include vegetable, flower, pot plant and tree nurseries. Thanks to our enthusiastic team and a product range of over 30.000 quality products, we always can guarantee our clients top quality.

Besides the head office in ‘s-Gravenzande and the branches in Holland, Royal Brinkman also has its own local facilities in Mexico, UK, Poland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia and Turkey and is expanding.

Other parts of the world are covered with agents, dealers are directly managed from our head office. Royal Brinkman is specialized in the field of Horticulture from very simple horticultural products to  high-tech equipment or full Turn Key projects. Royal Brinkman has specialists in each field in house. Our qualified staff is at your disposal 24/7. High quality products, high quality service and reliability are our key values.

Royal Brinkman services do not end with the delivery of the goods or when a projects has been  established. This is for us the start of a fruitful cooperation. Together with you we always try to find the best solutions for each problem. Royal Brinkman will always offer you A-class products like (grow)technical service, technical installations, chemicals, fertilizers, all equipment for crop treatment like cleaning, spaying and harvesting. Also we offer full solution for post-harvest logistic systems.

Below you find an overview of our activities, sorted in several items:

Climate Control

Royal Brinkman has a wide experience in the optimisation of the glasshouse environment. With the integration of the Business data Computer even finer tuning of the many environmental control programs is possible. A summary of the control possible with the present program is as follows: heating, ventilation, temperature lift, CO2 application, heat storage, thermal and blackout screens, supplementary lighting, circulation, fans, air heaters, ring mains, irrigation and fogging installations.

Crop protection

A Healty crop provides you with a high quality product. You want to get rid of diseases and pests that threaten your plants. Crop protection is a complex matter. Brinkman supports you with advise from our experts and a wide range of (natural) resources. We are always searching for better oppertunities, methods and products to protect your crop the most efficient way.Brinkman has interational and national prestige for the development of new specific greenhouse products.

Disinfection & hygiene

The department 'Disinfection & Hygiene' helps you with one of the most important things in your business:"How can i keep my business free from bacteria, fungi and viruses?" Being inacurate with disinfection and hygiene puts your busisness at high risk. Brinkman has the resources and the expertise to invent a strategy for your business.


Which combination of fertilizers can save money? Which type of fertilizers gives you the best quality? Which fertilazation strategy gives you the most benefits? The product specialists of the fertilizers department are alway busy to obtain the best results out of your crops. The specialists help you with calculating the most efficient nutrition plan for an optimal production. 

High wire hooks

Royal Brinkman offers you a full range of High Wire Hooks. Royal Brinkman is delivering the High Wire Hooks all over the word for many years and is market leader with The Free fall Hooks (V-Hook). 

Mechanical engineering

Royal Brinkman has a wide range of technical commodities and mechanical engineering like spraying systems,Robocars, internal transport, piperailtrolley's, harvest cars, aluminium products, etc.

Packaging & Trendplaza

If you have questions about communication and packaging then Agro Trendplaza is at your service. Added value and a distinctive character in relation to your competitors is becoming increasingly important.

The communication and packaging specialists of Agro Trend plaza will outline and develop a corporate identity for you. In the studio of Agro Trendplaza our own designers create an individual and original style.

Pots, trays and containers

Packaging of vulnerable horticulture produce is important. On one hand good packaging maintains good quality during transport and in different phases of handling. On the other hand the packaging displays the quality, the grower and the origin of the produce. In this manner the different Dutch qualities are recognizable all over the world.

Shading agents

Royal Brinkman has a wide variety of shading agents, to fulfill every need. The varied assortment contains the historically famous chalks but also the latest diffuse coatings. Our productspecialists work with the leading manufacturers of shading agents are able to give a good advice in every situation.

Water- and Electrotechnology

If you are doing business with Brinkman on the field of water- and electrotechnology you can expect quality, reliability, technical expertise, a problem solving abilityand sharp prices. But a personal approach and technical support is just as important, every company is different. Brinkman Horitcultural engineering has the knowledge and skills to serve you.