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  • Horticultural partner in Canada

    Royal Brinkman has been supporting professional growers in North America for years. We have specialists and infrastructure strategically located in Canada allowing us to offer innovative solutions and high quality products quickly and efficiently.

     Over 130 years experience
    Global Horticulture Expertise
    Local stock and specialists in Canada
     Standard or customized service, solutions and products

  • Do you grow peppers? 

    We at Royal Brinkman offer the brand Valent. The brand can be used for various vegetable crops, including sweet bell pepper. Valent has been developed to improve the following products often used in vegetable cultivation: Twine, Clips and Hooks. The products are specially developed by growers for growers, with the aim of increasing labor savings.

    The twine has been specially developed to ensure no stretching and is stronger, so it cannot break. The Clips are easy to reseal and reduce the risk of Botrytis. The hooks are developed to make them easier to hang, there are three different hooks available so every grower can find a suitable hook for his crop. 

    If you would like to know more about the Valent brand, please click on the link below.

    ›› Discover all the Valent products you need!

  • Roy Middelburg tells you how to make your daily operations easier with our Valent brand.

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Most popular, tomato,pepper and cuke products in Canada

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    Winkel   Our local stock of horticultural supplies
    We have a local stock of crop supplies in Canada. Here you can find where we are located. In this way we are able to deliver products quickly. You can order anything you need in our webshop. Ask our local team for more information using the contact form.

        VAT number: NL 004757075B01
  • We will always provide you the best solution

    Whether you cultivate peppers or tomatoes, creating the best quality with maximum yield is always the challenge. Royal Brinkman helps you to excel in your business.

    We pay attention to your thoughts, wishes and the situation. By listening to your story a complete, customized and practical advice can be created together, based on experience and knowledge.

    Along with local representation, we are moving your business forward by satisfying your demands in horticulture with a focus on supplying high quality products such as hygiene stations, shading agents, roofwashers and spray robots.

  • Some personal words from team North America

Local news in Canada
  • Hygiene in tomato and pepper cultivation

    Hygiene is a continuous process with constant development in terms of products and regulations. We want to help our customers in Canada from the start of new construction projects to analyze the risks in the field of hygiene. Preventing bacteria, fungi and viruses within your professional business is better, and easier than curing them.

    HortiHygienz stands for a total solution for your hygiene issues in horticulture. What are the biggest risks in your crop? Which solutions cover the risks and are practical? You will be advised and guided through the entire process of choosing, installing and using the solution at your Canadian greenhouse..

    No less important, the introduction of professional hygiene equipment and measures, will influence the mindset of all your employees. When hygiene is incorporated into the culture of the company from the start, it makes the employees aware of its importance. This mindset among employees will ensure that clean and hygienic work becomes the norm.

  • Valent line Martin Meuldijk
  • Valent Line

    Essential products for every crop rotation. You as Canadian grower will use these products regularly. Due to this, you expect the products to be in stock and easy to order. Interested in why we think Canadian growers will benefit from these products?

    Twine, clips and hooks are these kind of essential products in your greenhouse. Our Valent line exists of Valent Twine, Valent Clips and Valent Hooks. Arie Alblas mentioned: "In its weight class, Valent Pepper Twine is at the top.” Curious why Arie Alblas says Valent Pepper Twine is at top? Read more.

    The Valent line is important for the Canadian growers and is therefore available from local stock. Because of this, the delivery times are short. Get your Valent products now or request samples to try out.

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