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Canadian growers

Some products are essential on a monthly basis. These are the products you use often, so you also expect the products to be in stock and easy to order. For our Canadian market, we listed the consumables growers need on a monthly basis. Underneath you will find our recommendations and why we think Canadian growers benefit from these products.  

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  • Valent (Pepper) Twine
    “It is strong and does not stretch, so the rows are tight from start to finish. That works well and prevents damage and loss of quality,” says one of our Dutch customers, pepper grower Rob Moors, who tested the new Valent Pepper Twine in 2020. He is now using it on his entire 19 hectares. “It had been specially developed for peppers, chillies, cucumbers and aubergines. I heard that Valent Pepper Twine was supposed to be able to stretch even less and handle a higher load than the usual twine for peppers. Well, after hearing that I had to try it.”

    Arie Alblas explains what makes this twine so special. “It is composed of two types of high quality plastic and two components for UV protection. It is strong and has a very high stretch point. Flexibility is also a requirement: depending on the method of cultivation, there are up to 70,000 pepper stalks on a hectare and you have to tie each twine manually twice. In its weight class, Valent Pepper Twine is at the top.”

    Due to its local stock, Royal Brinkman Canada has a short delivery time. Get your Valent (Pepper) Twine in up to one or two days!

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  • Valent Pepper Twine

  • Valent Clips

  • Valent Clips
    The Valent Clips are perfect to use in combination with Valent Twine. The clips are optimized with a smart solid design and round edges. The round edges prevent damage to the crop. From a sustainability point of view, the Valent Clips are made from 100% high-quality recycled material. This makes the Valent Clip an environmentally friendly clip. With its large and strong twine grippers equipped with anti-slip points, the Valent Clip can handle high plant loads with less chance of the twine sliding.

    The Valent-assortment is important for the Canadian grower and is available from local stock. Get your Valent Clips now or request some samples to try!

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Products Valent (Pepper) Twine & Valent clips

  • Tomato and cucumber O-hooks
    The Valent O-hooks come with the quality you can expect from Royal Brinkman. The free fall is wound on the hook with a revolutionary new method. It saves a lot of labor costs, because of the speed you can hang these hooks in the crop. Even inexperienced people can hang these hooks quickly. The O-hooks are easy to connect to the plants and it’s possible to use them for interplanting. Read more about choosing the right O-hooks for your crop. 

    This product is widely used by the Canadian grower. Ask our local team about the possibilities!

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  • O-hooks

  • Bio Valent twine
  • Bio Valent Twine
    Bio Valent Twine is the most sustainable quality twine for your crop. It’s 100% organic and 100% compostable, with the best characteristics. The Valent Bio Twine is perfect for tomato as well as cucumber cultivation. It has less loss in light when compared to other bio solutions and it’s compostable according to EN 13432. 

    Valent Bio Twine has a unique production process. Compared to other biological varieties, Valent bio twine is strong and has a long life span. Did you know it’s the only organic twine that can be wrapped on the O-hook? This perfect combination saves labor costs and is an environmentally friendly solution.

    This product is therefore very important to the Canadian grower. Contact our local team for more information!

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  • Experiences Kwekerij Moors

    Under the motto 'seeing is believing', the grower applied the new wire in a few plant rows and indeed, it did not budge during cultivation. Even on the hottest summer days, when lesser quality wire can stretch a bit and cause the plants to hang more in the path (with a greater chance of damage during work), all the plants stood neatly in line. "You have to be able to trust twine blindly and that comes at a price. But, Valent Pepper twine costs less than I was used to and that was the deciding factor. According to the specifications, I now have absolute top quality for a great price. I don't need to know much more."

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  • Kwekerij Moors


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