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Royal Brinkman Canada is the ‘one-stop shop’ in horticulture for Canadian growers. Our specialists work in different countries, spot trends and are able to apply their knowledge locally. With our roots in the Netherlands, we maintain the rich history between Canadian growers and Dutch growers. In this article we, explain what we as Royal Brinkman Canada, can do for you the Canadian grower.

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Family values

Royal Brinkman was founded in 1885 and has been active in greenhouse horticulture for over 130 years. As the company grew, the family values have remained the same. The Brinkman family always stayed a part of the company as the small family business grew out to a total provider of horticulture on a global level. Even today, we still serve our customers with the family values in mind.

One-stop shop
Convenience is an important element nowadays. After all, as a grower you want to focus on what is most important to you, namely your crop. Vegetable crop are important in Ontario and requires different types of materials when growing it. Our webshop is the one-stop shop for all growers in Ontario and the surrounding area. Whether you are looking for clips, hooks or twine, machinery or products related to hygiene, Royal Brinkman Canada offers you these products. So in a way you can see Royal Brinkman Canada as the Walmart of Horticulture.

All horticultural products under one roof

Local stock of horticultural supplies
As a vegetable grower you need products such as clips, hooks and twine regularly. Therefore we have a local stock of these in Canada allowing us to deliver products quickly. Consumables you need on a monthly basis are available, like our new Valent Pepper Twine, tomato O-hooks, tomato clips, cucumber O-hooks and cucumber clips can be ordered in our webshop. 
  • Local representative Arie Alblas in Canada

    Have you already met Arie Alblas? He advises customers about crop supplies, hygiene, disinfection and mechanical equipment among other things. Arie has worked in horticulture all his life and career. He grew up as son of a pepper grower in The Netherlands. After his studies, he started working for various plant growers in the Netherlands. 19 years ago Arie emigrated to Ontario, Canada, where he continued his career in the horticultural sector.

    “Royal Brinkman Canada is a company with many different products. Products for crop rotation, mechanical equipment, but also products that help implement hygiene protocols. The variety of product keeps my work interesting. I’m able to advise customers on the products they need and that help them improve their daily business.”

  • Arie alblas

Advice tailored to the specific wishes of the Canadian growers
Royal Brinkman Canada offers many products with detailed information. With this we have a lot of knowledge to offer to Canadian growers. We not only try to sell products for a fair price, but we believe that giving the best advise tailored to specific wishes of the Canadian growers is just as important. Next to that, there is a lot of information available online. From ‘how to’ videos on YouTube to more than 500 articles published on our Knowledge Center.

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