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Kevin van Kester: “I never stop learning”

Kevin van Kester

“As a grower’s child I’ve enjoyed spending many hours working for my father in his warehouse. I decided that I wanted to develop myself in biology and therefore went to study biological lab science. After receiving my degree, I could start at Royal Brinkman right away as a junior product specialist in Crop Protection & Hygiene. The first half year I was guided by the more experienced product specialists and spend day after day in the field to learn more about the subject. First I thought I could learn everything about biological crop protection in just two months’ time. I asked a whole lot of questions to my colleagues but after a while I realized that’s not the way things work. Especially in biological crop protection, you’re never done with learning.”

“A half year ago a job as quality manager became available. This job was perfect for me, because I could now even further develop on a product level. Royal Brinkman delivers around 250 different kinds of biological crop protection products and every single product has its own vulnerabilities in certain conditions. This is an important thing to keep in mind, when planning the logistical processes. My job is to make sure that every customer –no matter where it is located- receives the product in the best condition possible. That remains a daily challenge, but a very nice one.”

Kevin van KesterKevin van Kester is a quality manager of biological crop protection at Royal Brinkman since 2014. As a quality manager he’s responsible for maintaining the quality of biological crop protection products, making quality protocols and taking care of the distribution processes, national and internationally.