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Luc Kurris: "Together we know everything"

Luc Kurris

"I wasn't always related to horticulture. In fact, my parents weren't connected to it at all. Funnily enough, me and my brothers ended up in this sector anyway. Likely because we had to help in our parents garden sometimes. Here I developed my interests in nature and plants. So I decided to enrol at the university for horticulture in Geel (Belgium) after finishing school. I attended at a job interview for an open job at Royal Brinkman just some days before I achieved my diploma. At August the 1st in 1988, I started as an account manager for vegetable cultivation."

"During the years my interest for biological crop protection increased. By now I am investing about 80% of my time on this topic. It's very exciting for me to research the possibilities of chemical free crop protection. I try to consult my customers on this topic the best I can by continuously keeping my knowledge up to date. But of course I cannot know everything on my own. I am glad to have a lot of colleagues at Royal Brinkman who I may ask for further information at any time. Together we do know everything and are trying to serve our customers the best way possible."

Luc KurrisLuc Kurris supports the Royal Brinkman team since 1988. As an account manager and product specialist for crop protection, he visits customers in Belgium and southwest of the Netherlands. In addition he travels to gardeners in other European countries on a regular basis. His critical view and his curiosity are leading to strong advices.