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Richard Hagedoorn: “Good advice comes at the first place"

Richard Hagedoorn"As a specialist shading agents I am the link between the supplier, Hermadix, and the breeders and contractors. Both the growers and  contractors can contact me with questions about the products or the application of shading agents. Especially the last few years there is more and more demand for professional advice. The need for advice is partly because of the growing demand and popularity of diffuse coatings. Growers can learn about the benefits of using diffuse light and they are more and more interested in it. Both the account manager and I really like to visit the grower for advice about shading agents. "

"At Royal Brinkman we do not focus only on the Dutch market also in the foreign markets the use of shading agents increases. Off course I cannot visit all foreign growers by myself. Therefore, our foreign account managers and dealers are trained in which product can be used best for which situation. So that they can also advice the growers. That is for me the most important thing: every grower - including those on the other side of the world - should be really good advised about the unique growth situation. That is the number one focus for me. "

Richard HagedoornRichard Hagedoorn is a perfectionist with a great passion for the horticultural sector, and in particular shading agents. He regularly gives presentations and seminars focused on the application of shading agents during the cultivation. Want to learn more about shading agents? Please feel free to contact Richard!