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Vincent van der Wilk : "This is my dream job"

Vincent van der Wilk

"Traveling all over the world has been interesting to me since I was young. My father was an export manager for a large greenhouse construction company for which he travelled all over the world. Therefore I quickly decided that I would have an export related job as well. At Royal Brinkman I have got the change to achieve this goal. Three years ago, I started as a technical assistant for our export department and now I’m traveling to Asia."

“One of the main countries in my area is Japan. Although it’s not always easy to do business in Japan, it’s nice to visit the country. Nature, culture and the mentality of the people in Japan fascinate me. My first visit to Japan in 2013 was an unforgettable experience. Besides Japan, there are several other countries within my portfolio:  China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. A few times a year I visit these countries to meet (potential) customers. Next to managing the relationship with customers, I also train and instruct our local dealers. Visiting Asia and our customers is fantastic. I can honestly say this is my dream job.” 

Vincent van der WilkWith only 26 years of age, Vincent van der Wilk is the youngest area manager on the export department at Royal Brinkman. He is ambitious, eager to learn and highly driven to succeed. From learning about new products to learning the Japanese language, he will do everything to satisfy his customers and achieve business goals.