Our company is focused on the professional horticultural sector, but of course we also want to give our consumers the best possible service. As a consumer you can visit our stores and pick up all our available store products (excl. chemical plant protection). Consumers can't use the Royal Brinkman shop.

Looking for nematodes?
It is also possible to purchase the private nematodes against slugs and vine weevil. We then have to ask you in advance to complete the accompanying form of proxy. Once the authorization form has been received in good order, the nematodes will be waiting for you in the shop within 2-6 days. 

If you have specific questions about a product or if you want to know whether an item is in stock, you can always contact one of our offices. Click here for the contact details of the Royal Brinkman stores.

We're looking forward to welcome you in one of our stores!