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Meet Nico de Vries

Nico always wanted an international job in sales. In 2015, Nico found that job at Royal Brinkman, as export administrator. These days, he fulfils the role of international account manager, where he is the first point of contact for customers. In addition, he offers active sales support to our Mexico branch.
  • Helping clients

    As account manager, Nico is the first point of contact for clients. “It is my job to offer the right solutions and products, and then to transport the goods from A to B as cleverly as possible. That takes a great deal of interaction with clients, suppliers, and other links in the chain.”  He regularly travels abroad for work, to meet with his clients. “I feel it is very important that our clients know they can reach out to us with their questions, and that our wide range of knowledge and products can offer them the solution they are looking for. In addition, I also take enjoyment from building long-term client relationships. You often see how they grow from small growers to major business, and that change is a wonderful thing to experience.”

    Internal projects

    Colleagues refer to Nico as ‘Mr. Project’. In addition to his listed tasks, he is also often involved in improving primary departmental processes. “This means keeping a critical eye for work floor processes, because there is always a possibility for improvement. Think of shipping goods, or verifying orders.” 


On top of regularly meeting up with his clients, Nico is often on the road visiting various conventions to find out about new market developments – and he is also often to be found at our Mexico branch, where he offers active sales support. This means he travels to that part of the world several times per year, to improve the collaboration between the offices and to visit clients together. Something he enjoys greatly. 

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