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Meet Roy Middelburg

Roy Middelburg began his career in bell peppers and orchids at around 15 years old. In 2014, he joined Royal Brinkman as the export administrator, where he was responsible for shipping goods and handling orders. He then grew to a position in sales support, and now fulfils the role as area manager USA & Canada in the company. 

  • Customer contact is key

    As area manager, Roy represents the US and Canada, where customer contact is a crucial component. “Being involved with other people has to be the best part of my job. You are always switching between clients, suppliers, or other links in the chain. By listening closely and addressing the issues, you pave the way for your customers. For that reason, I strive to offer the best possible service.”

    North America business trips

    His work also regularly sees Roy travel abroad, on trips that focus on client visits. “I enjoy being on the road and visiting clients. You get a better impression of what it is that they do, and learn much about growing abroad. That makes it easier to see yourself in your clients’ shoes, and to think from the challenges they face. Every region of the world has a different climate, after all – and all of these climates come with their own challenges.”

Keeping in close contact with clients
Roy has been on many trips for his work, but his first one still remains the most memorable: “One of my most memorable visits was my first solo trip to Canada. One moment I was at the airport – the next, I was wearing borrowed swimming trunks and lounging in a client’s heated pool, enjoying a gorgeous view. Our customers’ incredible hospitality and the possibility to meet new people, people I am still in contact with today, is very special to me”. In addition to awesome trips and keeping in close touch with his clients, Roy also enjoys the challenge he finds in showing others that Royal Brinkman can offer its fine services anywhere in the world, even in Canada and the US. You are also able to connect with Roy Middelburg on LinkedIn, in this way you can see relevant posts for North America and above all you can always easily send Roy a message. 

Get in touch with Roy Middelburg
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