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Meet Stef Batenburg

Stef has been walking among tomatoes and bromeliads since he was 13 years old, working in side jobs. After his studies in Commercial Economics, the time came for a new challenge. In 2017, Stef began his career with Royal Brinkman as internal account manager for Western Europe, where he grew into his current role of account manager for Scandinavia. 

  • Diverse

    When asked about what it is that makes his work so challenging, Stef indicates that it is mainly the diverse nature of his work combined with his travels: “As account manager, you have a very broad task package; writing tenders, processing orders, sorting out the full range of logistics, maintaining customer contact, and visiting clients abroad”. 

    And it is the business trips that Stef likes best. “Travelling, that is great fun. Just look at where you suddenly find yourself. It is interesting to see that Scandinavian gardens are relatively small compared to the Dutch ones. In addition, you are dealing with different cultures and different languages – so there is much to learn.” 

    Stef particularly helps Scandinavian growers by reviewing the issues their encounter on site, and by coming up with suitable solutions. In Scandinavian countries, automation is an important development in reducing labor and personnel costs – something he is well equipped to consult on, given his experience with growers in the Netherlands. Every year, he travels abroad between 8 to 10 times, to visit and consult his clients.


Despite the large number of trips already under his belt, Stef’s first journey was the most memorable one. “You never forget your first trip. In my case, this meant I joined my colleague on a two-week road-trip from Norway through Sweden to Denmark. And you can imagine how impressive that was. During that trip, I did learn only about the countries I visited, but also about my clients, who I am often in contact with.” 

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