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Meet Tim van Steekelenburg

Tim van Steekelenburg began his career at Royal Brinkman in 2016. As graduating intern for his studies in International Business & Management, he studied the recommended design for Royal Brinkman’s international webshop logistics. Now, he works as an account manager for USA taking care of everything on his clients’ behalf from A to Z.


  • Anticipating client need

    “I am frequently in touch with our clients, day in and day out – because I take care of all aspects of our clients’ experience. It is my job to ensure that all orders arrive at the right location, as well as to provide part of the aftersales-process.” If his clients have any questions, Tim tries to offer them the best possible advice – using various resources including the knowledge database. “Clients who are interested in improving hygiene, for example, are helped by an article on compiling a hygiene plan. Aside from information, this also provides them with an insight into what we can do and offer.” 

    The challenge

    For Tim, the challenge in his function as account manager is particularly in his work-related travels: “Travelling is what makes this job so varied. The challenge is in anticipating client needs. Being on site lets you see how growers deal with crops in an entirely different climate. You can come to new insights while you are there, and offer suitable advice to improve crop yields - and the partnership”. 

Born and bred in horticulture

What is it that draws Tim to horticulture? “I think part of it is the fact that I grew up around horticulture. My father owns a screening company, meaning I had access to growers from an early age. In addition, the world’s population continues to grow, and pressure on the horticulture industry grows with it. There is much to do in that regard. It is a great challenge to see how some countries – whose resources are limited – can improve their production to its maximum, thus benefitting the entire population. Lastly, there is a while international and varied market, making horticulture very interesting indeed.”

Tim in his spare time

After hours, you can usually find Tim on the soccer field or in the gym. Aside from his hobbies – which he treasures deeply – he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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