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Latest updates from Royal Brinkman - Coronavirus

The coronavirus takes hold. We too keep a close eye on the situation and follow the guidelines of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Through these means we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken and what this means for you. This protocol has been drawn up in accordance with the employer advice from ArboNED.

Each week we give an update on the recent situation. Read the updates below:

- Read update 2 (March 20th)
- Read update 1 (March 13th)

Update 2 (March 20th)

Together with you and everyone around us, we are in a global situation that we could not have predicted. We follow the advice of the government with regard to the coronavirus and we keep a close eye on developments.

Coronavirus measures

Within our organization we take various measures that protect your business and your health and safety:
  • Our account managers seek digital contact with you, so that no personal contact is required.
  • All pending orders and contracts are delivered as usual.
  • We increase our stock and make every effort to continue supplying in these circumstances.

Product availability

Currently, we still can carry out the orders, services and deliveries as you are used to from us. But, please keep in mind that production and shipping time will might take longer because of the unpredictability of the course of the epidemic.
We are in close contact with our suppliers to assess the situation daily and we will keep you updated of any changes.
Disinfectants and HACCP-products 
Due to shortages of health-related products, such as surgical masks, gloves, hairnets and overalls, the Dutch government has seized the stock of our producers. This means that we are no longer able to maintain our delivery times for these products.
Of course, we make every effort to replenish our stock as quickly as possible. Price adjustments will, unfortunately, be unavoidable. This may also have consequences for outstanding orders. If the product you need is unavailable, please contact your sales representative to help you find a good alternative.
Fertilizers and chemicals
We would like to emphasize that there is no scarcity of fertilizers and chemicals, nor is it expected. There is sufficient stock to meet the regular demand. Royal Brinkman purchases from several producers and therefore also has sufficient alternative products if needed.

As a result of rising raw material costs, price adjustments will have to be made for potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate and magnesium sulphate. Because we would like to give you the opportunity to buy for the current prices, we will implement a price increase on 1 April 2020. For other fertilizers we do not yet see any restrictions or reasons to adjust prices. However, this may change under these circumstances.
Biological crop protection
Currently, the supply from all our production locations is not in jeopardy. This means that we can continue to supply biology. We do everything we can to maintain our delivery reliability and service as you would expect from us. We keep a close eye on developments in the availability and delivery times of biology. In case of changes, we will inform you immediately.

Biology by Luc

Delivery times

Countries with a branch
In order to ensure that products can be delivered on time, our priority at the moment is to supply our international branches so that there is sufficient stock for the coming period. There is no need to purchase more than your usual supplies. We do not foresee any problems in product availability or delivery times.
Export regions
We do recommend you to place orders on time due to delivery times and possible delays at the borders. Please contact your personal account manager to inform you about the current delivery times.

Digital to the max

Digital to the maxThe service you have come to expect from us
We remain – as you are used to from us – completely at your service. Although the form in which this will be is slightly different, namely more digital! Royal Brinkman is a supplier in the vital horticulture sector. Especially in these difficult times we will do our utmost to continue to support and advise growers.

Personal visits will now make way for contact by telephone, WhatsApp and email as much as possible. Still with the familiar face of Royal Brinkman, but more digital.

We provide advice online. Our digital Knowledge center contains a wealth of answers and advise for the most diverse horticulture related questions. Our webshop doors are open to you 24/7. We will do everything we can to fully help you digitally.

Visits of specialists, service engineers and account managers
For countries with a branch: Our employees are still at your disposal. In order to limit physical contact, they will preferably contact you by phone and e-mail. If a physical visit to your location is desirable or necessary, a visit will be planned in consultation with you. Our employees will observe strict hygiene measures.

For export regions: Travel is suspended until further notice. This means that our employees will unfortunately not be able to visit you. Nevertheless, our specialists, service engineers and account managers are available to advise and support you via telephone and email.

Advice to growers  

Further developments

No matter how the situation develops in the near future, we would like to tell you that you can count on our service, quality and accessibility. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you informed of new developments.
We thank you for your confidence and wish you much strength during this period. If you have any questions, you can always contact us via your known account or via royal@royalbrinkman.com.   

A good continuation of your work and above all a good health!

Update 1 (March 13th)

Digital to the max!

We remain – as you are used to from us – completely at your service. Although the form in which this will be is slightly different, namely more digital! Royal Brinkman is a supplier in the vital horticulture sector. Especially in these difficult times we will do our utmost to continue to support and advise growers.

Hygiene measures concerning customer visits

  • Employees are expected to avoid physical contact in order to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. That is why our staff works from home as much as possible and you can expect advice and contact remotely by means of phone or email.
  • Business trips and gatherings of groups larger than 10 people are canceled indefinitely.
  • We only visit customers when permission has been granted and/or is explicitly requested. In such case our employees will comply with hygiene rules. We request your cooperation in this by not shaking hands and keeping a distance of 1,5 meter. Every visit will be critically reviewed and if possible other forms of communication will be suggested, such as by phone, e-mail, or WhatsApp. 
  • For other questions or advice you are always able to consult our digital Knowledge center. This provides a wide range of information about the most diverse topics within horticulture.

Stock situation and delivery reliability

  • The webshop remains available 24/7 for further information, and quotation requests. Also on mobile.
  • Our assortment ensures that you will not have to buy from different suppliers. This way we are able to keep the amount of transport movements to a minimum. 
  • You can continue to make use of our delivery and collection services.
  • Vital departments, including logistics, are protected and continue operating in shifts to guarantee delivery reliability. 
  • Larger stocks have been created of products for which scarcity is expected. This extreme situation nevertheless leads to challenges in inventory management. Unfortunately, this also has consequences for the pricing and availability of specific products. We ask for your understanding of the situation and will continue to inform you about any changes. 

Contact or orders

  • You can request your quotations via the webshop or your account manager. 
  • We can be reached by telephone and e-mail at: +31 (0) 174 - 446 100 or webshop@royalbrinkman.com

Preventative measures

The coronavirus also poses risks for your company. We advise you to observe company hygiene closely because of the preventive effect that this possesses. You can read more about the measures you can take on our website.

We wish you a successful continuation of your work, a lot of strength in this difficult time and above all good health!


Jan Schuttrups
Commercial director Royal Brinkman

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