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Conditioners are used to maintain the condition of the crop or fruit. A good example of this is an extension of the vase life, with the aim of keeping the flowers in good condition for as long as possible. Royal Brinkman offers a broad range conditioning agents for professional horticulture.
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Conditioning agents in horticulture

When flowers, fruits and plants are transported to the retailer, it is very important that the harvested product is in optimal condition. Conditioning agents can be added to the product to, for example, extend the vase life of the flowers. Conditioning agents are part of the pre-treatment agents and are only applied when the crop is harvested. In addition to expanding vase life, conditioners have other functions:
  • Extending the presentation value of flowers and plants;
  • Reducing waste by avoiding dehydration;
  • Creating natural shine from leaves;
  • Ensuring freshness during transport;
  • Improve bud opening;
  • Prevent loss of leaves and flowers. 

Buying conditioning Agents

Looking for conditioning agents for your flowers and/or plants? Then you've come to the right place. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of pre-treatment agents, including conditioning agents. On royalbrinkman.com you can order your required products quickly and easily. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice? Then please contact our Crop Care product specialists.
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