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  • How to manage your crop with pH and EC

    PH and EC influence absorption of fertilizers throughout crops. Factors like, fertilizer choice, pH, EC and outlet water greatly influence reaching maximum results. It is therefore important to know how to adjust the pH and EC of nutrient solutions. Our specialist give you 3 tips in this article. 


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  • How do i calculate the capacity for fertilizers

    When building and / or increasing your cultivation area it is important to calculate the storage capacity for your fertilizers in advance. Too little storage capacity of fertilizers means many more delivery moments in your company  or the chance of a temporary shortage of fertilizers. Therefore it’s good to know if you took sufficient time to calculate the required storage capacity for your cultivation. 

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  • Water management in (hot) summer

    During the summer, it could happen that the amount of rain water available is insufficient to meet the water needs of your crop. In that case, additional water resources are required. When using city and ditch water, please pay attention, using this type of sources could affect your fertilizer schedule!

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