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Osmocote Exact Std Hi K 12-7-19 8/9 (25kg)

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Osmocote Exact Std Hi K 12-7-19 8/9 (25kg)

Item no. 150301205
pallet = 1250 kg
bag = 25 kg
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Product Description

Osmocote Exact Standard is the 3rd generation of controlled release fertilizers Everris combines safety, consistency and delivery according to a fixed pattern. Every crop needs specific food but all plants need a steady availability of nutrients during the growing season. The release of Osmocote Exact follows the growth of the plant accurately. This makes the product not only very efficient but also very safe.

Product benefits

  • Safety: highest possible safety, controlled release and high level of all essential trace elements. Color-coded for longevity to avoid mistakes.
  • Consistency: very consistent product, every bag of product gives identical results, excellent quality control exceeding all industry standards.
  • Patterned release: available in various release patterns exactly tailored to crop requirements, to provide optimal plant growth. Very efficient and therefore environmentally friendly.

Applications Osmocote Exact Standard

The uniform issue is Osmocote Exact Standard for nurseries and pot and bedding plants.


The Longevity of Osmocote Exact Standard is determined by the average soil temperature, the reference temperature is 21º C.

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