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Fixed fertilizers and granular fertilizers

Granular fertilizers are crucial for healthy growth and good yields. Royal Brinkman's fixed fertilizer, granular fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer specialists ensure a good product range and are always ready to offer personal advice on plant nutrition. 

Fixed fertilizers and granular fertilizers

Fixed fertilizers are concentrated and can easily be dissolved in the fertilizer tank. Royal Brinkman offers a varied range of water soluble fertilizers:
  • Single water soluble fertilizers: These water soluble fertilizers contain 3 main elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If there is a clear shortage of one of these substances, a simple water soluble fertilizer can be used. When storing simple water-soluble fertilizers, make sure that the climate of the room is suitable.
  • NPK's water soluble fertlizers: Without NPK water soluble fertilizers there is no healthy growth possible in the crop. The abbreviation stands for the amount of nitrogen fertilizer (N), phosphate fertilizer (P) and potassium fertilizer (K) contained in the NPK water soluble fertilizer. 
  • Organic fertilizers: Organic fertilizers come from a natural source, which makes them suitable for organic cultivation. The fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), which become available to the plant as soon as it comes into contact with water. Then the grain falls apart, as it were, and the nutrients are released.
  • Osmocote: The slow release fertilizers of Osmocote, ensure an even and constant nutrition of the plant. 
  • Spreading fertilizers: There are chemical and organic fertilizers for spreading. The difference is that with organic fertilizers, the elements are converted by the soil life. Organic fertilizers are coated and therefore slowly and evenly released. 
  • Ultrasol Easybag: The Ultrasol Easybag is a custom-made blended fertilizer mix, which offers great convenience. It also saves on labour and time. Make your own mix and request a quote from Royal Brinkman.

Use of fixed fertilizers

Fertilizer comes in a few different forms: liquid, powder, and granular. Powdered fertilizers also need water to be productive. Usually they are spread by hand and watered to complete absorption. Granular lawn fertilizers can easily be spread on top of soil. These nutrient pack granules will be soaked over time as you water it.

Buying fixed fertilizers

Royal Brinkman's range of fixed fertilizers consists of various products. Would you like to receive more information or would you like to receive advice on the possibilities of fixed fertilizers? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days

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