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NPK water soluble

NPK water soluble fertilizers are indispensable in greenhouse horticulture. Without the elements that a NPK fertilizer consists, there is no healthy growth possible for the crop.
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Agroleaf Power Calcium 11-05-19 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power Calcium 11-05-19 (2kg)
Agroleaf Power High K 15-10-31 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power High K 15-10-31 (2kg)
Agroleaf Power High N 31-11-11 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power High N 31-11-11 (2kg)
Agroleaf Power High P 12-52-05 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power High P 12-52-05 (2kg)
Agroleaf Power Magnesium 10-05-10 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power Magnesium 10-05-10 (2kg)
Agroleaf Power Total 20-20-20 (15kg)
Agroleaf Power Total 20-20-20 (2kg)
Agrolution Special 313 14-07-14 (1200) (25 kg)
Agrolution Special 316 13-05-28 (1200) (25kg)
Agrolution Special 316 13-05-28 (1200) (25kg)
Peters 20-20-20 (990) low Boron 15 kg
Peters Excel CalMag Finisher 13-5-20 (15 kg)
Peters Excel CalMag Grower 15-5-15 (15 kg)
Peters Excel Extra Acidifier 15-14-25 (15 kg)
Peters Excel HWF 14-10-26 (15 kg)
Peters Excel Hard Water Grow Special 18-10-18 (15kg)
Peters Professional - Blossom Booster 10-30-20 (15 kg)
Peters Professional - Combi-Sol 6-18-36 (15 kg)
Peters Professional - Foliar Feed 27-15-12 (15 kg)
Peters Professional - Grow Mix 21-7-21 (15 kg)
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NPK water soluble fertilizers

The abbreviation NPK stands for the three elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Each element has a different function and effect on the plant and is badly needed in a healthy growth of the crop. Depending on the crop, growth phase and the desired result, a suitable NPK ratio is chosen. 

Use of NPK water soluble fertilizers

NPK water soluble fertilizers offer complete fertilization, to which trace elements are often added. The fertilization with an NPK water soluble fertilizer can be made in the B-barge. Each element of the fertilizer has its own effect:
  • Nitrogen (N): mainly causes cell elongation in the growth phase of the plant. The leaves and stem of the crop also get a nice green colour. Each plant needs a certain amount of nitrogen. If the plant is offered too little nitrogen, various deficiency symptoms can result. A good dose of nitrogen is therefore very important. 
  • Phosphorus (P): promotes root development. Better roots make it easier for the plant to absorb water and minerals. As with nitrogen, it is important to ensure a good dosage of phosphorus to prevent deficiency symptoms.
  • Potassium (K): helps the plant to maintain its moisture balance by supporting the opening and closing of its stomata. A good amount of potassium in the crop provides a sturdy plant, with better resistance to fungi. Always keep an eye on the unwanted symptoms of potassium deficiency in the crop. 
The fertilizer with the proper NPK proportion depends on the crop, growth phase and desired result.

Buy NPK fertilizers

NPK fertilizers exist in the form of fertilizers, but there are also organic NPK fertilizers, which are well suited for organic cultivation. There is NPK water soluble fertilizer for each cultivation and growing phase that matches the fertilization. At Royal Brinkman you will find water-soluble NPK fertilizers such as Universol or Peters Professional. Liquid NPK fertilizers such as Easygro and Aminosol are also used. Finally, Royal Brinkman offers convenience with the Ultrasol Easybag, a big bag with blended NPK fertilizers. Would you like to receive more information about NPK fertilizer. Please contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours. 
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