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Peters Pro - Combi-Sol 6-18-36 (15 kg)

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Peters Pro - Combi-Sol 6-18-36 (15 kg)

Item no. 150281889
pallet = 990 kg
pallet = 66 bag
bag = 15 kg
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Peters Professional Combi Sol 06-18-36 was especially developed to use in a combination scheme with calcium nitrate (A and B tank).

Combi Sol has a higher amount of trace elements for perfect results, even after dilution. However, this product can also be used in its pure form as complete fertilization in the last phase of cultivation.


  • NPK high level of potassium
  • Quickly and entirely dissolvable due to its high purity
  • Perfect result thanks to optimal amount of trace elements
  • M-77: maximal availability and possibility for intake of all elements
  • Quick reaction of the crop


  • Constant nutrition: 0.5 - 1.5 g/liter
  • Periodical nutrition (e.g. once a week): 0.8 - 2.0 g/liter


Prepare the solution 1-2 before using, stir carefully or use warm water in order to let the product dissolve more easily.
Always try the solution on a small scale, before you change the fertilization on a large scale.

Ask your fertilizer expert for personal advice.

Do not mix Peters Professional Combi Sol with fertilizers containing calcium in one tank.

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