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DCM soil Mediterra (2160lit) 40 lit

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DCM soil Mediterra (2160lit) 40 lit

Item no. 150124245
pallet = 2340 liter
pallet = 39 bag
bag = 60 liter
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Vivimus Universal is an organic fertilizer, which serves as a plant hole improver for rapid root establishment and proper growth.


  • Obtained from high quality natural raw materials
  • Airy soil (humus rich)
  • Unique organic plant pit improver
  • Suitable for planting hedges
  • Ideal relationship between air and moisture in the soil


 Dry matter 40%
 Organic substance  22%


This organic fertilizer is applicable in the bio garden for planting ornamental shrubs, hedges, trees, flowers, ornamental grasses, bamboo, boxwood, perennials, etc.

DCM planting pit method

  • Always choose firm and healthy plants with a well-branched root system
  • Dig a planting hole that is more than double the size of the root ball.
  • Make a mixture of 1 part excavated soil with 1-2 parts DCM VIVIMUS®.
  • Cover the bottom of the plant hole with a large layer of the mixture
  • Put the roots or the root ball of the plant on top. Spread out the roots of the plant and fill the planting hole with same mixture
  • Press the ground firmly. Give a large amount of water for a good connection between the root ball and the now humus-rich soil, which retains the moisture better


Full soil application

100 - 300 L/10 m2
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