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Multi K Potassium Nitrate (1200) 25kg

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Multi K Potassium Nitrate (1200) 25kg

Item no. 150010093
pallet = 1200 kg
pallet = 48 bag
bag = 25 kg


Kalisalpeter Multi-K Mg agricultural prills can be used as a source of nitrogen and potassium.

Advantages Kalisalpeter Multi-K Mg 

  • Fully water soluble;
  • Enriched with magnesium;
  • 100% plant-based macronutrients;
  • Chlorine and sodium free and free of other substances harmful to plants;
  • Efficient uptake;
  • Combines well with all kinds of fertilizers and crop protection products;
  • Non-volatile, easy application without loss of nitrogen to the air.


Composition Potassium nitrate Multi-K Mg 

 Nitrogen total (N) 12.6%
 Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) 12.6%
 Potassium oxide (K2O) 42% 
 Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%


Packaging Kalisalpeter Multi-K Mg

Potassium nitrate Multi-K Mg is available in bags of 25 kg.


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