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Agromaster 16-08-16 5/6 (25kg)

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Agromaster 16-08-16 5/6 (25kg)

Item no. 150300027
pallet = 1250 kg
pallet = 50 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Agromaster 16-8-16 5/6 is a coated fertilizer with a programmed release (DCT technology). This fertilizer with trace elements lasts up to 5-6 months. This allows even more nutrition to be provided to the crop in an efficient way.


  • Full recipe: NPK and magnesium;
  • No salt peak; safe for crop;
  • Safe for soil life;
  • Less spreading work; due to longer operating time;
  • Spreading is possible before the crop sprouts;
  • Minimal leaching.


Agromaster 16-8-16 is suitable for full ground crops with a longer cultivation time, such as the blueberry or outdoor tree nursery. This fertilizer's working time is 5-6 months.

User manual

To make optimal use of the Agromaster 16-8-16, here are a few tips:

  • Make use of a row dosing device;
  • Leave to work in the top layer;
  • Leave a minimum of 5 cm between Agromster and the roots during ripening;
  • Do not apply more than 1-2 weeks before planting;
  • Immediately after administration, irrigate.

Always do a test on a small scale before making the changes over the entire crop.
Ask your fertilizer specialist for tailored advice.

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