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Ammonium Sulphate fine (1000) 25kg

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Ammonium Sulphate fine (1000) 25kg

Item no. 150026072
pallet = 1000 kg
pallet = 40 bag
bag = 25 kg
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The effect of sulfuric acid ammonia (ammonium sulphate) can be characterized as medium fast by the ammonium sulphate. Plants can absorb nitrate directly, while the majority of ammonium must first be converted to nitrate via soil reactions. The speed of this conversion(*) depends on soil temperature and soil moisture. Ammonium nitrogen forms a compound with soil particles (e.g. clay minerals and organic matter) and is therefore less sensitive to leaching during conversion.


 Ground temperature Conversion period*
 5°C 6 weeks
 8°C 4 weeks
 10°C 2 weeks
 20°C 1 week


 Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 21%
 Sulphur (S) 24% water soluble
 Sulphur trioxide (SO3) 60% water soluble
 Free sulphuric acid ca. 0.02%
 Water (H2O) ca. 0.2%

Sieve analysis

 <1.4 mm max. 10%
 >3.35 mm max. 5%

Granule diameter

 Average granule diameter 2.2 mm (approx. 0.3)
 Bulk density unvibrated Approx. 1,040 kg/m3
 Colour White
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